Geoffe Krueger

Originally from Southern California, Geoff Krueger currently resides in Boise, Idaho.  He has been a successful career artist for more than twenty years.  


Geoff exhibits and sells his paintings in Southern California, in Massachusetts and in Idaho.  His works consists mostly of landscapes that the viewer feels they could walk into, but he is also known for exceptional structure and object paintings.


In his landscapes, Geoff feels a sense of urgency in capturing scenes of natural beauty before they become victims of urban development.  He is drawn to spaces that linger on the fringe between civilization and open space.


The Krueger paintings currently on exhibit in the gallery not only create a depth of space and a wonderful sense of light, but they also capture a true sense of atmosphere that one can almost feel.


Geoff's paintings lean more toward impressionism than photo realism, but it still feels like you could step through the window into his world.


LaBry Fine Art

LaBry Fine Art is currently closed pending normalization of social and economic conditions post pandemic.