Guilloume was born in Medellin, Colombia in 1957, studied at the city's prestigious Bellas Artes Institute and now maintains his home and studio near Santa Fe, New Mexico.


He is a master of "Bolisimo", a self-described, emotion filled style employing modest forms and textures to portray the vast range of human feelings, with a special focus on the positive aspects of relationships between friends, families and partners.  Guilloume has chosen, in his works, to avoid detailed features in order to emphasize the similarities between individuals rather than their differences.


A very accomplished sculptor and painter, Guilloume's works have been exhibited and sold throughout the US, in his native Columbia and in Florence, Italy.  For over twenty years, articles about him and his work have appeared in numerous art periodicals, and Sculpture Magazine placed him among the ten most important sculptors in this country. 




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